Rahim Hasham
With year one under our belts, we came into contact with Aamer Hasham, whose brother Rahim, had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Living in Calgary, and belonging to the Ismaili community, Rahim helped us further diversify our efforts. The Ismaili community worked with us to hold some very large events and spread our mandate across the country. The Ismaili community now enjoys their own partnership with OneMatch and continues to do good work.

Rahim also introduced us to Aamer who worked tirelessly accross the country, promoting SA4L, and OneMatch. His unique vision led us to events such as the annual Lymphoma and Leukemia Society Light the Night Walk, Ismaili Health Fair, and Mosaic Festival. Above all, hs joined the SA4L family and remains a close friend.

Sadly, Rahim passed away on Sunday, December 11th, 2011. Though he had received his transplant, he suffered other compliations. But the legacy of hope he left behind, as well as the numerous donors who joined on his behalf, will help others.